Day 15 – Miller Lake to Washakie Creek

We had concocted a plan where I would take off on my own into the Cirque of the Towers today, but since I’m still not feeling fully recovered from my illness I cancel it. It’s nice to stay with the group and see Ann’s parents at our Big Sandy resupply.

Swarms of mosquitoes have started to make regular appearances. We dig out the headnets and pray for wind. There are plenty of other people hiking with headnets on in this area – it feels like we’re some new race of mutants nodding to each other in collusion.

The resupply goes well, and we reach our goal for the day early. This is good, because it gives Ann and I time to realize that we’ve miscalculated the miles ahead of us. Instead of a few easy 16 mile days, we realize we need to keep doing 20 miles to make our schedule. It won’t be easy in this country.

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