Day 14 – Station Creek to Miller Lake

I’m still feel a little sick in the morning, but able to hike. On our way out of camp a Moose crossed the road in front of us.

We meet an excited trail crew on their way out, with news about some almost-finished new CDT tread to Big Sandy. We consider trying it, but opt in the end to go over Temple Pass as planned.

It’s a long slog up Little Sandy Creek to the pass, but the rock formations on the canyon walls are incredible. We finally reach the pass at the end of the day, and find a way up with only one short snow crossing. At the top we can see into the Cirque of the Towers to Pangora Peak. Combined with the intense final climb it’s enough to stop the brain cold.

There are some easier snow crossings on the descent, and we call it a day at a nice flat spot just below Miller Lake. I’m exhausted and aching.

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