Day 6 – Rawlins

I’m going to add our cumulative wildlife sightings so far to the stats. Maybe I can track them by day from here.

A day spent at the Rawlins KOA with Bob and Carol is remarkably rich and busy. We clean ourselves, package supplies for the next section, fine tune gear, tie everything down in the Rawlins wind, walk the highway section of trail we missed yesterday, and eat another meal at the best restaurant in town, Anong’s Thai.

On our hike we meet Wolverine just starting south for a quick two week blast into Colorado. We give him a few route suggestions and wish him good hiking. He recommends the Cirque of the Towers alternate in the Winds for us.

There is also a couple one day ahead of us that Bob and Carol spotted, and whose footprints we’ve seen in the mud.

Mud is foremost in our minds for the next section. A big rainstorm could bog us down and leave us stranded. We hope it will be dry for Bob to reach us with supplies in three days, otherwise we’ll have to hike out 12 extra miles to Jeffrey City in the mud.

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  1. Awesome! I’m loving the updates, even if they’re a few days after the fact. We were thinking about you two this weekend, and hoping the hiking was dry and bug-free for you! I’m totally awed and amazed at the milage you’ve been able to cover! AWESOME!

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