Gone Hiking

Wyoming is the land of my birth, the source of scars, friends, habits, and fears. It’s a patch on the earth with nearly as many quarter sections as citizens, dappled by clean bright light and dark dreams. The same air that kisses the skin for an hour can flare into a wicked icy wind the next. In all ways, it’s a place whose kindnesses are unforgettably enhanced by its cruelties. I’ve never felt confident that it would allow me to traverse its wild expanse on foot, but I’ve always wanted to try.

The time has come to embark upon the realization of this fantasy once again. My chances are much improved by my walking companions, Ann and Pete, and RV support team Bob and Carol Fish (Ann’s parents). We’ve been making our plans for months. We may also find ourselves among the first northbound CDT thru-hikers who yearly cast themselves into the great plains to meet their fortunes, usually with far less support than we will have.

I am going to attempt to post some maps of our progress, but this is dependent on the sort of fragile human constructions that I know Wyoming can easily rip to shreds without harming our ability to travel. So don’t take the lack of information here as a sign of distress. Bob and Carol will be aware of our progress and our needs.

Thanks for following! I invite you to stop now and then and feel the love coming from The Equality State.

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  1. Hooray! So excited about your trip! You guys are going to have the most amazing adventure!

    We just got back from a little Wyoming love. Based on the current conditions in Vedauwoo, I’d recommend preparing for wind, wet, bugs, moose, swamps, and wind. And some more wind after that! 🙂

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