Hyde Park Circle

This a perfect refresher hike. A good climb, nice ridgewalk, fresh air.

This post is almost more significant than the hike – the first draft of the map was posted from my phone! It’s a precarious stack of home-rolled and bleeding-edge open source software that I balanced on to accomplish it, but I’m going to try to post some maps from the trail. There are too many potential failure points to promise anything, but I’ve proved it can work!

Us atop Hyde Park Circle

4 responses to “Hyde Park Circle”

  1. Looks really good! Mark really wants to know what kind of phone? Did you record the gps track with the phone? Or dld the track onto the phone? Or use the super-mini laptop in the middle??

  2. I’m a little late answering this one, but it’s a good question! My phone has no GPS receiver, so the trick was to get software that would connect my little GPS track logger to my phone via Bluetooth. That wasn’t too hard, but more software is needed to download track data to the phone – that was the most challenging part. Then I needed a blogging client upload the track data from the phone to the blog, and finally I wrote my own software to process the data on the blog into a Geo Mashup map. Whew!

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