Dorothy Stewart / Picacho Loop

The weather is NASTY when we leave the house – windy, rainy, and cold. We decide that bad weather is a good time to make use of the popular trailheads near town, and indeed there are a couple of parking spots available at the Dorothy Stewart trailhead. As we get underway the sun comes out, and soon enough we’re hot and sweaty as we climb Picacho peak. Ann calls it a “little brat” of a peak, which makes me laugh.

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  1. You know, now that you guys are doing all of this hiking, I’m really interested in seeing the maps for the trail. But that line on the topo above seems to be missing a little critical info. Where is the trailhead? Is the summit the peak on the right? Which way did you go around the loop? (I’ve been trying to figure that out for the last few posts)

    I’m just curious. Maybe you could add way-point overlays on the geomashup maps? Or generate a terrain profile?

  2. Thanks for commenting – I’ve pretty much been doing a minimal map for my own interest, since I didn’t really know if anyone else was looking 🙂

    I can add some waypoints in various ways. I’ve added a couple to this map using Google My Maps.

    Probably the most information gain for the effort, though, is to upload the trip to EveryTrail. Here’s this one. The stats include an elevation profile and other stuff.

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