Cerrillos Hills Hike

After our work day Ann takes me to this trail near a tiny town between Santa Fe and Madrid. I’m just wanting some exercise, but this turns out to be quite beautiful. The trail is clearly intended to be a tour of old mines, but the sky is soft, the air is warm, and the views are expansive. My attention is drawn outward, and I’m lured into a bout of hiking bliss. As the sunlight fades two Great Horned Owls call from a snag above. One flies ahead, and the other follows after we have passed, flying into the moon.

Knee Notes: a little discomfort at the very end.

2 responses to “Cerrillos Hills Hike”

  1. great horned owls get a pass from my ‘all birds are evil and therefore must die violent, bloody deaths’ manifesto. they’re just so cool.

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