Sunny Pajarito

Today the sun is luxurious. It’s almost too hard to get going in the drowsy warmth, but we make it up to Pajarito for an afternoon run. We climb lazily, and I forget to take pictures of the bright day. The snow up here won’t survive many more days like this.

My camera experiments aren’t improving much, but a few pieces of the run are nice abstract art at least 🙂

2 responses to “Sunny Pajarito”

  1. hey not bad.. kinda liked that one. almost makes me wanna board. i mean, i’d go with you.

    so the sierras got pounded last weekend (and yesterday). the inyos as well. totally blanketed. and low. wish i had the day off to go fvck around up there.

  2. oo, it’s all grey today, maybe we’ll get hit too! you’re welcome to come along, but you might need more than a day off…

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