Arroyo Exploration

One of the attractions of our location is its proximity to Arroyo Chamisa, an artery that acts as a natural pathway through southern Santa Fe. I set out today from my doorstep to find out how far I can follow it. I’m so pleased with the results that I make stupid mistakes on the way back, resulting in a longer hike than I anticipated. It also extended the video to a brisk 4 minutes.

Also posted at EveryTrail.

2 responses to “Arroyo Exploration”

  1. It’s really fun to go with you on your adventures via video. I wondered about that last downhill clip….how you figured out where to put the camera, then going back uphill and coming down again. A very long hike made much longer with camera clips (great ones!) as well. You are so cheerful about these extensions…I’d be cranky!

  2. I was upset! Mostly because I thought it was unlikely I’d find my camera again. So after I did find it, I felt pretty good in comparison.

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