Aspen Vista Run and Media Experiments

The weather has been nice, nice enough to worry me a little about the snowpack. It offers good conditions for playing with the camera, though, so I try out lots of ideas on a backhill run from the Aspen Vista trailhead. The result is my favorite video effort so far! If fourteen minutes is too much, flip to the six minute mark and watch a bit of my run. (Well, this player doesn’t do fast forward from the start. You can pause it while it loads, then go to minute 6).

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4 responses to “Aspen Vista Run and Media Experiments”

  1. Absolutely. I couldn’t help but think about how to do it while making this. It seems like there are a lot of fussy possibilities, but nothing that will make it really easy short of creating a custom video editor and player. I found, but I didn’t try it. I’m guessing they let you play your video while you create your own map animation to go with it.

  2. hey hey! not bad. kinda nice. that is some fun looking terrain.. the moderately spaced tree runs. makes me wanna board (sorta).

    the helmet cam stuff rich and i got at bootleg is not good in my opinion. if i could edit it.. just the best parts, it’d be passable.

    first day: rich said he had the camera angle figured out.. sure, if you like looking straight down at the ground / front wheel. so 3 vids = total crap.

    second day: i based the camera angle on watching him ride around the parking lot. was much better, but a notch too elevated imo. i’d like to see front tire occaisionally.

    so he takes off drunk as f! from the night (or i guess 4am would be more like ‘early that morning’) and goes on a trail i won’t hit. promptly goes over the bars badly. the camera is un-scathed, he is not. he limps back and continues his bender.

    i take over helmet cam duties. emm… very ‘eh’. first, the camera needs to be secured way tighter to the helmet. and the helmet then needs to fit me tighter. so there’s a bit too much shake in it for me.

    the gyst: nobody is gonna see those vids for a while, if ever.

    at least at that location, i am not sure i could ever be satisfied with a helmet cam. stationary cam is more visually pleasing.

    whatever.. nice-ish vid you took. snowboarding definitely better with a helmet cam (way less rattle and the perspective is natural, vs a bike which is tilted considerably higher than eye level). your new digs look nice as well.

  3. I think practice is key no matter what the camera is. I know I could get smoother footage with a helmet cam, but I do think I can improve what I’ve got here. On a more open cruiser it might be nice. I’d like to try it in bumps too.

    Keep tryin’, I want to see some bike runs!

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