Pajarito Ski Area Run

The Pajarito web site says the area has lots of new snow, but it’s closed. Since I don’t need lifts on the split board, I head up anyway. When I get there I see a lot search and rescue vehicles. Someone tells me a snowboarder has been lost since yesterday, and to keep my eye out. I do, but I see nothing but nice snow. The top of the mountain is eerily quiet:

When I get down the light is fading, and still no sign of the lost snowboarder. I leave in a somber mood, thinking that a second night out will probably do him in, but after dark he’s rescued by a Blackhawk helicopter with infrared equipment.

4 responses to “Pajarito Ski Area Run”

  1. wow. blue baller. all that lead up to some DH and then *!*CUT*!*

    i was hoping for some good chit, mang.

    rich and i are headed to Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV, next weekend. he got a high dollar helmet cam for Christmas.

    potentially, it is very good. of course, it could be in a billion pieces after the first day.

    oh yeah, and one other thing… the 2nd night in the woods…. how do you feel ’bout your chances?

    don’t ask ’bout = ded.

    – ted

  2. I’ll get some downhill footage soon. There will probably be a lot of unsatisfying experiments though.

    On a lot of my outings I bring enough stuff to get me through a pretty cold night if I got injured. Of course there’s no way to say how long I’d last – too many variables.

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