Beeline to Datil

We crossed the Continental Divide Trail in Silver City, and today we find it again at what must surely be one of its most remote road crossings, New Mexico highway 12. We stop long enough to recall our concerns at the time, dry springs, injured feet, and the lure of Pie Town in the north. Then we get to making some new memories. I drop Ann off on her bike and drive ahead. The road traverses the plains of San Augustin, the same high plateau that is home to the Very Large Array radio telescope. Views are expansive and roads are straight. I ride back until I meet Ann, then join her. When we reach the camper she drives ahead while I ride to Datil. This point is another place of memories – the coldest night of my US Perimeter bike tour was spent here, shivering and surrounded by howling coyotes. These old recollections help make a vast world feel like home.

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