Borrego Mesa / Truchas Peak Loop Hike

Hoping to see some colorful aspen, I return to this area where I trained for the Pacific Crest Trail in early 1996. Back then it took me six tries to summit Truchas Peak using snowshoes much of the way, and getting back so late my girlfriend at the time had called the state police. Even in ideal conditions like today’s, it’s a difficult route, but a pretty good one for getting lots of perspective on the fall colors. Again I finish late and worry my spouse, but at least she knows not to call the authorities until I’ve had a day to make contact. I had thought I could finish the loop a little faster than I did, but there are a lot of ups and downs on both branches. I manage to get a call through about a half hour after dark, then show up at home quite tired and happy to see a bowl of hot stew waiting for me.

There are some nice slides from this one:

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  1. Wow, what fun to go with you and get a walking tour! The colors are so beautiful. Your pictures make me want to paint them. I’m looking forward to a less adventurous walk in less than two weeks! Wow!

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