Grottesco’s 12th Night

Ann finds another piece of priceless entertainment for us. The first treat is exploring the Santa Fe Opera house, which I’ve never been to. The sun is setting in the open air window behind the stage, putting on a moving show even in the empty house. I wonder if that doesn’t distract from the performances sometimes? Our show is in an indoor area. Theatre Grottesco gives this summary:

Theater Grottesco celebrates 25 years of boisterous, joyous, cutting edge physical theater by unveiling a landmark new production, its largest show to date, its latest dark full length comedy exploring themes of marginalization, power and class.

In this production we witness the servants’ telling of the story as the respective households of the obssessive nobles deteriorate. They create marvelous visual effects, and keep us laughing to the bitter end. Ann said that it somehow seemed to capture the spirit of Shakespeare better than “real” productions, and I agree.

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