Lake Peak / Aspen Basin Loop

My dad is visiting and is interested in seeing some of our local mountains, so we drive to the Santa Fe Ski Basin and start up the Windsor trail heading for Santa Fe Baldy. When we reach a decision point at Puerto Nambe it seems a little too late and cloudy to try for Baldy, so we loop back via Penitente Peak, Lake Peak, and down the ski area maintenance roads. There’s a prescribed burn pouring smoke down into the Santa Fe watershed, which explains why the Black Canyon was so smoky last night. I’ve never skied at this ski area, but the runs look good, and longer than I imagined. Cows tend the lifts at the bottom. Slides:

2 responses to “Lake Peak / Aspen Basin Loop”

  1. huh.. looks like yer gonna get boarding or skiing in this winter, eh? nice, i s’pose.

    i was visiting a friend in South Lake Tahoe this summer. we bothed mused over the prospect of the ‘occaisional’ snowboarding thing. we were 100% in agreement that if you aren’t going off cornices and jumps, there’s pretty much nothing easier than cruising down a mtn on a snowboard.. i.e., boring.

    and we were both saying the thing that looks most inviting is the parabolic skis. i’d actually try those.

    whatever.. looks like you 2 will get some nice runs in this winter. i am looking forward to pics and descriptions of the whole resort skiing (if you go).

  2. I haven’t actually been too eager to pick up a season pass, we’re more focused on hiking next summer. I would love to get Ann an alpine touring setup tho, cause I am eager to get out on the split board.

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