Lost Canyon – Squaw Canyon Loop Hike

PillarsThe rock-filled Vistas of the Needles trigger memories of my hikes with Ann here 8 years ago, but we still take a wrong turn getting to our trailhead. The decision to repeat one of the previous hikes intrigues me – what will I remember, and what will surprise me? One great thing about the Canyonlands is that there are endless nooks and crannies for surprises to hide in. Slides:

My most prominent memory is of jumping naked into the coldest pool of water I have ever felt, and finding it impossible to retain any dignity without the ability to breathe. This time around the pool looks smaller and less inviting, not that I would ever consider jumping into it again. I see all kinds of other things I have no memory of – mysterious seeps in canyon walls, side canyons overflowing with wilderness, and large cottonwood trees overwhelmed by larger cliff walls. There is no danger of finding nothing new, none at all.

Lost Canyon – Squaw Canyon Loop at EveryTrail. The map is partial, since my GPS battery died just past the halfway mark:

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