Book: The Foundation Trilogy

The Foundation Trilogy
author: Isaac Asimov
average rating: 4.44
rating: 4
I wanted to read the three books Asimov wrote in his early twenties first. The most amazing thing to me is how the writing, even as it stretches imagination and creativity with almost shocking vastness, still reflects early 50’s American culture in every nuance. The galaxy is populated from end to end with humans who ply themselves with alcohol and tobacco, push the boundaries of microfilm and nuclear technology, and are nearly unaware of computers. Women remain primarily homemakers throughout. It’s quite wonderful though, a grandiose future filled with insightful allegories and always-relevant queries into human nature that ultimately reveal as much about the writer and his environment as the futuristic subject matter. I’m really looking forward now to the remaining books, which Asimov wrote decades later.

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