Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Pan’s Labyrinth DVDNot at all what I expected – I would call this primarily a war horror movie. The gore was nearly too much for me. I made it through because it is a good concept, following both the inner and outer life of a child in a war situation.

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  1. whereas, i thought of it more as a modern day ‘alice in wonderland’ with the war just a plot device used to give the main character a good enough reason to wish for escape. even though the world she had to escape to wasn’t any better, in fact worse, than the one she was trying to leave. through the looking glass is often more terrifying than just leaving well enough alone.

  2. That’s sort of what I meant by following her inner life – it symbolically reflected the anxieties, suffering, and constraints imposed by the outer world, as well as her reaction to them.

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