Grays Peak Road Ski

Ann, Dad, and I make our way up the road to the Grays Peak trailhead, and have a nice run back down again. (Ann literally had a run, in her snowshoes.) I’m still playing with flash slideshows – mouse over “Notes” to see captions on this one:

Grays Peak Road Ski at EveryTrail:

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  1. Cool map with pictures. Interactive, we get a real sense of what the hike was all about. Right on, I want the scrolling pictures/notes on my blogsite…great feature as well!

    Glad you had fun. Sat, we went snowshoeing at YMCA of the Rockies and Sun we went to Sol Vista for some overly groomed boarding. With a freshly waxed board, it was a bit too fast for my liking-but Dennis was a speed demon out there!

  2. Wow, the whole area looks so different from the trip Mark and I took up there to hike Grey’s Peak a couple summers ago.

    There’s been so much drama in that gulch in the last couple of years. Two years ago a teenager died in an avalanche just above the trail near your high point.

    And last summer the entire community went through a week of drama because of a lost dog along the Gray’s Peak road.

    I’m glad that you three had a fun hike/ski! Be careful out there!

    Cool picture viewer too!

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