Movie: Return To Schralptown (2007)

Shralptown DVDSteep would have been enough ski porn for awhile, but then I saw that Return to Schralptown was playing at New Belgium Brewery as a fundraiser for the excellent Colorado Avalanche Information Center. With beer. For donations. A cause too worthy to ignore.

I enjoyed this movie more than Steep. The emphasis is less on stunts, and more on the places and the environmental issues facing them. Their own description pretty much hits it – “a film that captures the emotion, struggle, and elation of backcountry skiing and snowboarding while focusing on environmental stewardship, avalanche awareness, and innovation in the sport.”

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  1. amazing how beer helps with.. well, anything.

    i’ve been on the wagon 3+ weeks (‘cuz of surgery). i’ve been watching heaps of movies. and.. that whole ‘suspension of disbelief’ is not there ‘cuz i am relentlessly critiquing the believability of characters actions.

    all hail beer: the solution to and cause of most of the worlds problems.

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