Buckhorn Creek Snowshoe

We attempt to snowshoe the official-looking "Donner Pass Trail", only to find a newly installed gate and NO TRESPASSING signs blocking the way.

Checking the map at the trailhead on our way, it’s pretty clear that the trail is supposed to continue past the gate. I’ve been discouraged by private property every time I try to hike in this area. Fort Collins’ biggest drawback is that nearly all of those enticing foothills you see from town are impossible to reach without trespassing.

Regardless, it’s a crisp, clear new year’s day, and we have a very nice hike.

Buckhorn Creek Snowshoe at EveryTrail:

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  1. hmm.. that sucks. i wonder if it’s just some a-hole rancher type that has some property on NFS or BLM land but put the gate up anyway. that happens a lot out here. some GD rancher gets some grazing privileges then acts like a GD Cartwright and tries to keep people out.

    sounds cold. sounds like taking the camper out in a blizzard is a bad idea. seems like you’d be using propane for heating (not electricity).

    here’s my Christmas pics…


    plenty of rademacher action. fyi, those biking pics are of Rich. i ain’t got the sack to hit that stuff yet. maybe never.. i don’t know. he’s a much much much more talented rider than me. and he’s got the sack for big hits. but he didn’t hit any of the big ones.. which makes me wonder about me.

    we did 2 BAD ASS days outta Kernville. sick. best DH biking i’ve ever done. i had to walk some of that bad ass stuff. rich rode it all. he’s the only person in the posse that could.

  2. I think you’re right about the GD rancher.

    The camper is heated w/ propane – but it has to use an electric fan, both to blow the heat in and exhaust out.

    The ridin’ looks like fun. I’m the same the same way with big hits on the snowboard. It takes everything I can muster just to make myself go off it at speed – nothing left for the landing…

  3. That does suck about the gate, but I am really digging that slideshow. Is that from Everytrail or Flickr? It’s a cool little app!

    Looks like a really pretty trail.

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