Movie: Reign Over Me (2007)

Reign Over Me DVDAnother surprising performance from Adam Sandler in a character drama. In this one he plays a guy in denial after losing his family in the September 11 attacks. Don Cheadle is an old college roommate who discovers him and helps him come back to reality while coveting his apparent freedom. Many opportunities for clichés are deftly skirted, and the heavy subject matter is punctuated almost perfectly with comic relief throughout.

Thanks to Sean for picking this one so we could poach it while he’s away.

One response to “Movie: Reign Over Me (2007)”

  1. It’s more than denial. It’s post traumatic stress disorder. And I’m thinking that his performance might have helped or will help people recognize it as we see more and more damaged people coming back from Iraq. This was really a good movie that could have been very bad.

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