Movie: Come Early Morning (2006)

Come Early Morning DVDThere are lots of movies about beautiful, damaged people trying to have relationships. It usually works. The beautiful people are fun to look at, and we can relate to the relationship troubles. This film plays the theme even more effectively by downplaying the beautifulness of the characters a bit, and putting them in a palpably rich, out-of-time, down-south setting. They even all have believable means of survival – not just props for the drama. Well done.

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  1. i just saw this movie also. accientally. i put a lot of movies on my netflix without reading about them and then removing them once i get the chance. this was one of those. and snuck up to the top when i wasn’t looking.

    i almost sent it back without watching, but then popped it in one night out of boredom.

    i was surprised to find that i enjoyed it as well even though it isn’t my normal fare. of course, movies about the f’ed up south always intrigue.

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