Movie: Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Edward Scissorhands DVDThis movie has aged pretty well – I think I liked it better this time than when I first watched it over a decade ago. A man with a warm heart and hands that injure himself and those he loves is such a good symbol. Tim Burton puts him to use for some social commentary and satire in the form of a slightly twisted fairy tale. Johnny Depp plays the part perfectly.

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  1. i ain’t seen this movie in years. actually, i saw it when it came out and haven’t seen it sense.

    but i was impressed with the story and acting when i did see it. allen arkin’s character was enjoyable. just mellow. it was a cool take on being a father of a teen and taking in a freak.

    as for edward.. i wonder if that is how the person who wrote this saw edward being played. i thot it was great. i just wonder how much of it was depp’s take on the character or how much he took from the creator of the character.

    it was great seeing vincent price in that as well. he plays ghoulish characters .. the best? probably. as for being typecast, he certainly is. i did see him in a b/w movie set in turn of the century italy. he acting was very credible in that (non-horror).

    good shit. prolly a A-list for goth comedy? do gothers do comedy? i know they like vampire movies.

  2. Goth comedy – definitely room for more hits there. Tim Burton is the only director that comes to mind, with this movie, Betelgeuse, the halloween/christmas thing, etc.

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