Guyot Cirque Hike

Lovely LakeDad (and Jezze) suggest an exploration of a small, intriguing old mining trail that Dad spotted once on his way up to Georgia pass on the continental divide. The drive itself is a treat, taking us through crowds of blazing yellow aspen (and crowds of people too) on Kenosha Pass. The hike begins close to tree line where the foliage is full of rich colors also, but includes no aspen. The air is full of the smell of earth, drying leaves, and approaching snow. Some tricksy cairns take us off the trail, but we regain it and make our way to a lovely little lake in a cirque beneath Mount Guyot. This area has a very seldom-visited feel to it. After lunch we top the ridge to the north, then descend a long rock field. Once we hit the trees again, Ann finds some unexpected mushrooms growing around fallen logs. It’s a rewarding outing for a day with limited hiking time.

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