I don’t know the size of my own backside

We know that the Friday night before the Labor Day weekend is not the ideal time to go looking for a campsite in Vedauwoo, but we figure we know the options well enough by now to pull it off. That turns out to be true, but what I don’t have is a feel for just how much bigger the camper makes our vehicle. When our first couple of site choices are predictably occupied, we go exploring some less familiar roads. We’re looking for trees to shade the camper during the day for T-Rex. These same trees, it turns out, often make the roads impassable for us. I break a lightcover and put two good gouges in the sides of the camper proving that just because you can get past a tree doesn’t mean you should, nor does it mean you’ll be able to avoid more damage on the return trip. Our camper is definitely ours now!

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