We take the cat camping

Camping CatWe’ve always wondered how our cat T-Rex would handle coming along on our camping trips instead of staying behind in the fifth wheel. Now that we have the camper, it seems like time to find out. As practice, we spend a night in our RV park right next to home, so he’ll get used to the new rig. That poses no problem for him, so the next day he gets packed up along with our climbing gear to head to Vedauwoo. Well, next to our climbing gear, in his carrier. He’s chill there for a while, but then starts to yowl, so we pull off at the border fireworks store and throw him in the camper with his litter box. He seems fine riding back there the rest of the way.

The first night we don’t let him out, and he doesn’t complain too much. In the morning he gets his freedom, under a close eye. He’s literally wide-eyed and bushy tailed, super-alert, like I would be if you packed me in a space capsule and flung to me onto some unknown planet. He makes several widening periphery checks, then a few trips back into the camper to scan the area from behind a window. All very rational behavior. The only part I don’t understand is that he still insists on using his litter box, but even that reservation is relinquished the following day. We have ourselves a camp-savvy kitty.

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  1. Sounds just like Moby when I first moved to Ridgecrest…they generally like to be free to move around while the car is moving. My friend Barry’s cat likes to sit on your lap while you drive and on occasion stands up and puts his nose to the crack in the window (just like a dog!).

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