CDT Mapping Hike: Berthoud Pass to above Loch Lomond

On Mount FloraA long morning’s climb takes us to the summit of Mount Flora, where we begin a detour to avoid a rocky, technical section of the divide. On the descent from Breckenridge Peak we hike some of the most elaborately constructed rock trail I’ve ever seen. The trail then becomes less distinct, but we keep it until it joins with some roads near Fall River. A missing trail marker causes us to miss a turn, and soon after that we join another road too early. As often as not, difficult navigating occurs where there are too many roads and trails, rather than too few. The evening finds us in a high meadow in blowing fog.

CDT: Berthoud Pass to Loch Lomond at EveryTrail
CDT Mapping Day 3 Elevation Profile
More Photos Google Earth Route File

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