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(Congratulate me if I successfully make this post–it’ll be my first foray into the blogosphere….)


On Sunday, 7/29 I drove Dylan to the trailhead he wanted to start out at around 9am. No, you don’t get a link to a map, a gps coordinate, or even specific information about what trailhead it was. It was by a private reservoir, on the East side of the Rocky Mountain National Park, somewhere south of the infamous Camp Dick, and I could find it again if pressed. Is that enough information? He planned to walk 16 miles west, and end up at Monarch Lake to join his group of Backpacker companions. I kissed him goodbye after confirming a date to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary with a meeting of the hearts and minds in transcendental space and time. Then I drove straight home in the company of selfish twinges of jealousy and flashbacks of the long stretches of loneliness while he was hiking the CDT and I wasn’t on our honeymoon. (Poor me.) Ah well the bird must fly! Happy trails, Baby!

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  1. Hey Ann, congrats on your first post! Here’s hoping for many more….

    And congrats also on your anniversary, which I think is today, right? August 2nd? Is it your fourth?

    I can commiserate with being left behind. Although I don’t hesitate to do the leaving for a fun time myself, I do hate being left.

    So will we soon see pictures inside Home #4???

  2. Oh, really? Well, Happy Anniversary! That’s too bad that Dylan is gone, but if I know him, I think he’s probably missing you right now even more than you’re missing him. 🙂

    I really like the photo in this post. You’re faces are so expressive. It tells a whole story right there.

    Keep up the writing! I’m enjoying it!!

  3. Happy anniversary, blogging, and trails to mrs. cyberhobo! I would like to see more of her on the blog too, since clearly everyone loves her, especially me.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your supportive comments! I might just be brave enough to (gasp) make another post sometime. I’m also getting my very own FlickR account organized, so I can start sharing my photos with all of you–and I’ll include some of the inside of Home #4, promise!

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