Mount Richthofen

On the ridgeHow shall we celebrate our Independence? We consider climbing, but decide at the last minute to attempt an ascent of Mount Richthofen. Thunderstorms are forecast, so we try to get out the door by 6:30am. The timing turns out to be perfect. Even with stops for gas and change, we reach the mosquito-plauged trailhead at 8:30. This area is lush green and full of wildflowers in July. The mosquitoes disappear above 11,000 feet, and by 12:30 we’ve labored up to the summit. It was a harder hike than Ann imagined, but the view from this unique point on both the continental divide and the north border of Rocky Mountain National Park is a fitting reward. It’s been many years since I’ve set foot on this summit, and my memories of childhood terror temper the experience as an adult. The thunder clouds are kind enough to let us descend to the snowfields before dropping their big, wet raindrops on us. We put our waterproofs on and enjoy a nice series of butt glissades down to Lake Agnes.

Here’s to independence! Our route:

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2 responses to “Mount Richthofen”

  1. the first-person perspective on the butt glissade was awesome. and a fitting way to start off a friday in which i do not want to work.

  2. Hi! Wow, we go away from a week and you guys buy a B-A-T and then start sliding down snowfields on your butts!! Sheesh. It kind of looks like fun to begin with, but the grunts and “ow!”s towards the end don’t help. 🙂

    As Dane Cook would say: “Slip and Slide, yeah right. They should call it ‘Slip and Bleed-from-the-Anus!’”

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