Bear Creek Trail Blooms

Heading out of Corwina ParkNow that the few patches of snow on Bear Creek Trail have melted, it’s swarming with mountain bikers. Ann and Dad contend with them for the full 5 mile trail, while Mom and I take the opportunity to examine all the wildflowers that are blooming just off the trail while we dodge the bikes.
Alpine SandwortNeither of us know too many of these early season blooms, so we take pictures to identify later.

This Alpine Sandwort was everywhere. It’s a kind of Chickweed – I think I see this stuff frequently but have a hard time remembering it. Alp Lily, Larkspur, and something like Columbia Virgin’s bower are others we look up later. Mom also spots a Nuthatch and a pair of red-crowned birds in lower Corwina Park.

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