South Ben Tyler Trail Hike

The pointWe had planned an attempt to climb Mt. Sherman with my Dad, but upon reaching Kenosha pass we decide it looks too snowy and stormy. Instead we drive in to the South Ben Tyler Trailhead and follow the Ben Tyler trail up into the Kenosha Mountains. There are some thunderstorms, but the hiking remains quite pleasant. At about 10,500 feet the snowdrifts become pretty deep and soft, eventually driving us to leave the trail and bushwhack up the ridge. We’re provided with a grand view of hundreds of miles of Continental Divide before we head down again.

We camp a couple of miles from the trailhead. This is national forest, and there is a plethora of fine campsites to choose from. The Colorado Trail runs through here, and we there are many more opportunities for good hikes. I have a feeling we’ll return here.

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