Bear Creek Trail Hike

Bear Creek TrailWe join my dad to do some car shuttling on this sunny afternoon to help us explore some more of the many trails near Dad’s house in Indian Hills. To make sure we get some uphill hiking, we park one car at the Pence Park Trailhead, and take the other down Bear Creek to the Corwina Park lot. From there we cross a bridge and search downstream Bear Creek for the trailhead, but give up and climb up the hill to the trail. (We should have walked down the road a ways to the next bridge). Bear Creek Trail is a lovely winding hike through forested hills. It’s still a little wet from recent snows, and now the strong sunshine fills the air with a glorious spring pine aroma. We pass many signed trail intersections that beg for future explorations, with names like Meadow View Loop and West Ridge Loop. We cut off the final ridge traverse to do a short, steep climb at the end, leaving us ready to recover with an afternoon coffee in Evergreen.

3 responses to “Bear Creek Trail Hike”

  1. teh reappearence of the Jezzebeast. WOW. that has been a long time coming. i thot you kept her caged up on a leash in cage all day and night.

    i saw some pic(s) called “Huecos”. where is that? i hope there is climbing there and you did it. not that i am into climbing, i am just sayin’.

  2. Jezze is old and gimpy now, but still game for short hikes. My dad loves and spoils her.

    The huecos are in Penitente Canyon. We only did a little climbing there due to rain, but we’re eager to go back.

  3. i liked jezz. she was kind of ‘cowering’ towards me,, but i really liked her. i miss her.

    i’ll never forget that one time you, ann and myself were at yer micro place. jezzy started eating the cats food then the cat started eating jezzy’s food. LOL.

    neat dog. i am glad you dad likey her.

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