Movie: Trees Lounge (1996)

Trees Lounge DVDI can’t believe it took me 11 years to get to this one. Steve Buscemi illustrates the vagaries of life with flair from the perspective of a wayward barfly. Great characters.

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4 responses to “Movie: Trees Lounge (1996)”

  1. perfect flick. by no means the greatest story ever told, but all of it is ded on.

    the baldwin that was in it did a fuckin’ epic job with his character. at the dinner table (having lunch).. so good. i think i will start watching it again tonite.

  2. yep.

    when buscemi just barely gets done dropping baldwin’s daughter off and baldwin pulls up and he’s looking for his daughter.. there’s that ‘scary’ discourse, then just the way his car turns over ever so slowly and he’s staring at buscemi the whole time.. it’s perfection.

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