Coyote Ridge Hike

Hogback HikersCoyote Ridge Trail starts somewhat unceremoniously just south of the Fort Collins landfill, crosses the prairie, and climbs up the hogback formations that run along the front range here. I like hiking in the prairie. The breeze rustling the dry grass, prairie dogs chirping, and killdeer calling all characterize the land where I was born, causing me to hearken to my own existence. Getting this experience in a four-mile out-and-back hike is a bargain.

2 responses to “Coyote Ridge Hike”

  1. Yes I remember that trail. Not too romantic but somehow refreshing and so accessible. Glad that you are feeling better. This was Bay City’s big week of the year…I did seven parties/events and had quite a time of it.

  2. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day! Since I didn’t go into town, the only green I saw was on a few sprouts of early spring grass. Glad you wore some green for me!

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