Climbing at The Palace

It’s a bright, warm, summery day. At last, I feel well enough to venture out. We drive up to The Palace for a little climbing. The river crossing is still at low winter levels, even with temperatures in the sixties. I’m able to rock-hop across. Cedar creek is blind as usual at the mouth, but a bit higher a trickle of mountain water gurgles down it. A bird call rings through the grotto that sounds unreal, like a science fiction sound effect for time slowing down, or a riff from Electric Ladyland. I wonder if I’ll ever figure out what bird makes that amazing sound.

Neither of us feel at full strength today, but it’s very pleasant to work on a few routes. There are come other groups around, but not many, maybe because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. No place I’d rather spend it.

2 responses to “Climbing at The Palace”

  1. Sorry we missed it! We had Aubrey and Monte up from the Springs this weekend, and spent most of the day cooking and eating, truth be told.

  2. Hey, sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! We missed you down at Shelf, but we’ll have another trip soon, I’m sure. Glad to hear you got out on the rock!

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