Taggart Lake Tour

Grand Teton and headstandAt last, straight from Jackson Hole, an action shot! Ann goes full tilt on the pleasant 4-mile loop to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park. It’s a little windy today, which feels pretty cold with the below zero temperatures. There’s also a nice cloud bank rolling in, which we hope will provide some snow. The tracks in this area are well-trodden enough that Ann is able to walk without snowshoes. She leads the way while we slug along behind her on our touring skis. Even when she goes for a swim in the powder, she’s still zippy!

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5 responses to “Taggart Lake Tour”

  1. so y’all went touring and ann went snowshoeing? hmmm. ..
    and where i can find some gaiters like yer dad’s? i remember reading somewhere that skiing and high fashion were.. never mind.


  2. Unfortunately, the maker of those gaiters is no longer with us. Rarity enhances style.

    Didn’t the video show up for you in the post? It works for me…

  3. the video of ann shows up fine.

    i wanna see the one of you wiping out on yer virginal split board run. post it up.

    not much to see on the ann one.. where’s the skis? and that looks like some good pow.

  4. ha. i clicked the link and cocked my head. i think.. i think i’d rather crash on my snowboard than view a vid sideways.

    thanks tho!

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