A snowshoe stroll up Crystal Mountain Road

SnowshoeingI actually had the trail up to Lookout Mountain in mind for a snowshoe outing today, but not knowing the area Sean and I stop just a bit too soon at Crystal Mountain Road, and start up that. It’s uncannily warm compared to recent temperatures, and perfectly still. We’ve soon peeled down to short sleeves. It’s blissful walking. Being comfortable outdoors provides great contrast to weeks of cold and indoor struggle.

I’m still not sure how much of this road is private. About two and a half miles in we reach a junction with two forest roads, 132 and 344. Crystal Mountain Road is gated here. We meet a couple snowshoeing who own property in the area, and say it’s okay for us to explore the road further. They say the road hits public land eventually, then continues to Donner Pass. We make it to the next gate, then have a snack and head back. It does seem like there is good access to most of the public land in the area, and I look forward to my next foray into it.

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