Blinded by Wyoming

Blinded by WyomingThe weather is gorgeous in Fort Collins, so we head north in high spirits to try a little skiing at Snowy Range. It is not to be. Many times I’ve seen the weather go to pot right at the Wyoming border. Today the border brings ground blizzards. In the bright sun it doesn’t seem too bad, and we make it to Laramie. The forecast is for more wind tonight though, and the ground blizzards even now would be a show stopper at night. So we turn around. They’re already a bit worse. We pass a multi-car accident. Things clear up again right at the border, but we see that the highway patrol is closing the road. That’s good, so we don’t feel like total pantywaists.

4 responses to “Blinded by Wyoming”

  1. Head for home, Brother.. A big blow is coming our way tomorrow straight out of the Gulf of Alaska. Snow, wind and ice. I suspect after it has it’s way with us up here in Washington it will be heading your way.

    I’m betting I will be sitting in the dark, (no power) come this time tomorrow night.

    I hope I am wrong.

  2. That sucks. Good decision to turn around, but too bad about the skiing. How is the skiing at Snowy Range? I’ve only heard about it a little bit, and it sounds interesting (read: good value).

  3. It kept me entertained as a teenager – I’m sure it can do the same now. You can ski all the runs at your level in a day, though, so after a while it will get repetitive. But spending a lot more to drive I-70 and wait in line gets repetitive too…

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