A Sunny Day at Bogus Basin

Even though the snow at Bogus Basin was not quite as good today, I left with a real fondness for the place. With perfect blue skies and not a breath of wind, we were treated to one visual feast after another. Orange sun on spruce trees with every needle encrusted in snow. A bright half moon floating above from afternoon until after dark. A blazing sunset casting a glow over endless ridges of small peaks. The slow fade of the gradient sky from sunset to starry night. All this is a long way of saying: I forgot to bring my camera.

2 responses to “A Sunny Day at Bogus Basin”

  1. Isn’t that just a kick in the head? I can lug my camera around forever and then. “BINGO!” The shot of the century and I have missed it.

    Happy New Year anyhow..

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