Bogus Basin Ski Area

Last runWe explore another small ski area. This one is near Boise, has six lifts, and is playfully named Bogus Basin. Once again we’re fortunate to hit decent snow, and several inches more fall while we’re there, keeping it fresh. The area is spread out, requiring some traversing from lift to lift. It has good trees, not quite as friendly as Pomerelle, but filled with fun little natural jumps and drops. There is more steep terrain to play on, and we both get nice and tired doing so. It also has night skiing, so we are able to enjoy the fresh snow after night falls. We like this place well enough to come back if more snow falls in the next couple of days.

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  1. that is great dylan. you are the only person (ann tooooo) that i would actually LIKE to go boarding with again.

    good stuff. glad you are diggin’ it.

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