Movie: An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

An Inconvenient Truth DVDThis is a movie with a clear message that has nothing to do with Al Gore. The fact that he delivers the message is almost a distraction. It’s about how we react to threats. We overreact to dramatic threats like a terrorist attack with very little evidence to support our reactions. Yet gradual threats with far more convincing evidence we ignore. Global warming is clearly the second kind of threat. I’ll do what’s in my power personally to address the problem, but I don’t think enough people will do the same. I think humanity is going to have to learn this lesson the hard way. The warning is that we’ve entered uncharted territory. We don’t know what our new atmosphere will do to the climate, but we’re going to find out.

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  1. I just watched it last night. and I blogged about it too. (will put it online after it’s proofread). Well, basically I think global warming is the reason that I haven’t skiied yet this winter…

  2. napanood ko ang movie at nalungkot ako sa nakita ko,..maxado ngmasaklp ang nangyayari sa ating paligid….hai…

    hyline,joan and kath of BSN2-I ng MHCN

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