Black Powder Trail

Ann on Black Powder TrailLooking for a quick midday hike we drive up the Poudre Canyon to the Milton Seaman Reservoir to hike the Black Powder Trail. This turns out to be just what we wanted – short, but a good climb to a nice view. I’d never actually seen the reservoir until now because it’s tucked away too far off of highway 14. We were a little shocked to find that a City of Fort Collins park pass is required, thankfully only in the summer time. This is the fourth type of pass we’ve encountered within a short drive of our home. In the summer we’d probably park by the entrance on the highway and walk in.

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  1. Fort Collins, eh? I just read in Decline Magazine that it has one of the biggest / baddest bike tracks around. HUGE dirt jumping section and pump section (woops). Saw a pic of it (needs many pics). It’s “2 football fields” in size.

    i wanna go there. how close you live? like 10 minutes? nice pic, ann.

    So my cousin and I went hiked up Owens Peak in nasty conditions last Saturday. windy, snowing, COLD. was fun. it’s cold as hekk here now. well.. not Colorado cold, but cold. frozen street gutters. Ridgecrest has yet to get an appreciable amount of rain.

    it won’t either. whenever it goes big in the PNW, it goes small here. and it’s HUGE in the PNW right now. so yeah.. ‘nother dry winter. *tsk* *tsk*.

    since i am rambling, i should prolly note that i am torching the local bouldering scene.. the scene of ‘me’, that is (READ: i am the only ‘bouldere’ in town).

    actually, i had a friend up from JTree couple weekends back. he’s 6’3″ +4 ape index. he’ll be good just based on his build if he ever gets some footwork… and bad footwork shows up pretty easily in *gulp* size 13 shoes. eek.

    but back to me… totally in the right shape. laying off the weights, doing more swimming and biking. and TONS of bouldering. torched a couple of *NEW* FA’s (i discovered / cleaned ’em both, but Scott bagged one of ’em last winter). got ’em both EASILY last weekend. too easily, actually. got vid of them both too! then accidentally deleted them both!! die!!!

    also, i am very pissed right now. partially at my naivete and partially that my phone number is ‘out there somewhere’.

    some asshole posted a link to
    if you must, you can put a phone number in there and hit trace, but don’t put yours, unless you want to be left with the feeling that some asshole has your phone number. oh and if you do, i recommend you not do it at work. ::anger::

    of course, i couldn’t rant on the site that posted the link ‘cuz i would look like a fool. you know, a total “GOTCHA!”. F!

    i’ll be heading to jtree to hand out with my friend this weekend IF my friend from the valley (who has a place in Kernville) doesn’t call. i saw one of my old climbing buddies from the 90’s at Disneyland few weekends back (him and his fam were there). anway, he got a place up in K-ville and said he’s got a HUGE bouldering area up in the mountains.. you know, like TREES and SHADE and stuff.. says it’s off the hook. great summer/fall/spring place. there’s prolly snow there now, which would prolly i’ll go to JTree.

    rant over.


  2. Nice rant.

    I’ve seen some bike parks around, I’m not sure if that’s one. There’s one near the freeway that has jumps that are BIG and SCARY looking. Like multiple backflip material.

    Sometimes I feel like my big feet are a disadvantage climbing. They’re just not precision tools. I can’t imagine if they were size 13. Is your friend flexible at all? That’s what I think best complements being tall.

    Keep the bouldering flame going! Given the number of boulders around Ridgecrest, it ought to have at least one bouldererer…

  3. friend is more flexible than you were, but his lack of footwork makes up for this. fyi: he doesn’t own a harness, he’s a pure boulderer.

    the key for flexibility is to stretch during the ENTIRE SESSION. i see a lot of folk stretch first/early and no more. i am limber like a wet noodle by the time i leave.

    prolly is the bike track. there’s a lot of places that are putting in those pools filled with chunks of foam so people can flip out. might as well be rusty nails and broken glass: i ain’t tryin it!

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