Moody Hill Snowshoe

Doug & MoonEjected from Redstone Creek, Doug and I continue up County Road 27 to CR 44H, which sports some hopeful forest service signs. We’re a little short on time at this point, but we soon see a parking area and a steep forest road heading into the trees. As we’re getting ready I also see a few dogs disappearing up the road, but don’t think much of it.

That had to hurtWe soon find that this road is going to provide some steady, steep climbing. That’s okay by me! I’m in need of some aerobic exercise. Doug is perhaps not feeling quite as enthusiastic, but he keeps huffing up the hill with me anyway. This road is open to trucks and ATVs, and we find various dented and broken vehicle parts as we climb.

Doug atop Moody HillWe reach the summit of Moody Hill just with just enough to look around and munch some trail mix. Doug unfortunately has developed a headache, possibly from the rapid elevation gain, so it’s time to go down anyway.

MoonriseAbout halfway down we see the dogs again. There are four of them, three husky-esque and one German shepherd, all with tags. The German shepherd even has a harness. He growls gently as he approaches me, then they all take off into the trees. This strikes me as odd, and I try to call them back so I can read their tags, but they’re gone.

Near the bottom we’re treated to a lovely moonrise. This hike has been full of mysteries and gifts for such a small, unplanned venture.

2 responses to “Moody Hill Snowshoe”

  1. Snow!!
    Last Thurs night, it snowed in the evening in Philly but the weather has been warming up since Sun. My snowshoes are still in storage. Can’t wait to play with them.

  2. We’ve had some meltage now in the foothills, but there’s still lots of snow in the peaks … I need to get on it too!

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