The Sno-Chi-Minh Trail (Storm #5)

Snow Storm #5Mile 2518. Back on I-80 in Wyoming, Pete tells me about the Snow-Chi-Minh trail. The story is that the Elk Mountain section of I-80 is so bad in the snow that a detour up to Rock River and back south to Laramie is often a better alternative. We laugh as though this is a ridiculous idea. Near Elk Mountain Storm #5 hits us. There are jackknifed trucks and cars piling up in the divider ditch. Rescue vehicles plow through the snow with sirens screaming. The Snow-Chi-Minh trail would probably have served us well.

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  1. I’ve been on this bad Elk Mountain snow hell many a time and the only place as bad might be the pass between Laramie and Cheyenne where I’ve seen burning trucks and lots of stranded vehicles in storms. I’m glad you’re home safely!

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