Movie: The Squeeze (1978)

The Sqeeze DVDFor pure unadulterated, wah-infused 70’s style this flick is hard to beat. Beyond that, it’s a pretty standard heist story.

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  1. HA!

    but i bet you didn’t see that one twist coming. UNLESS YOU READ THE BACK OF THE CD CASE.

    best 70’s style porno music in a flick ever. some pretty crusty acting and dialogue. personally, i don’t think the heist had much to do with the movie… it was just one double-cross after another. lol. cheeZay. that train blowing up? pfff..

    i am glad i own this movie.

    just ordered

    – trees lounge
    – hotel new hampshire
    – little big man
    – a man called horse
    – like 4 others… can’t remember (i actually ordered those over a week ago but fucking amazon is dragging their asses on “3-5 day shipping”. fuck them.)

  2. *SPOILER* I was all over it, thinking, “Why’s he being so nice to her? I bet he needs to get rid of her so he can fill his gun with blanks…”

    I would not have guessed you’d own a copy of Hotel New Hampshire.

  3. ha.

    that’s the only you don’t see coming in that movie.

    what about the last line? the crusty voiced pawn shop dude happily says
    “Good things come in small packages”

    Cleef dryly replies
    “Not always”

    sooooooooooooooo bad. so funny. so true. “Not always”.. like what, he’s killed 2 people (+2 in the car)witnessed another 2 murders. and before all that, he was a happily retired rancher.

    i am just left to wonder if he can get hornswaggled into yet another heist. heh.

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