11/11 Dawns

11/11 DawnsAfter a cold night, dawn finds us encased in ice. Thankfully the Malibu came with a scraper. The sky looks like it could clear up, but we don’t know if that will be enough to get us into the air later. We get underway, and haven’t gone 2 miles before a stranded motorist flags us down. Having run out of gas, he spent the night in a T-shirt and unlined leather jacket. We take him back to the junction where he waits in the cafe for the gas station to open. There are a lot of cars in the ditch this morning, and the going is slow as we make our way north.

2 responses to “11/11 Dawns”

  1. uh.. my God. what kind of sadistic pact did you make 10 years ago?

    Oregon this time of year.. i just got kind of a funny rush. like i missed it. weird. very very weird. very weird. maybe it’s the 359 days of sun we get here.

    well, it’s been a good read so far. of course, i am desperate, so .. yeah, put some more on here.

  2. I think when you live somewhere, it becomes a part of you that can be only partially forgotten. The reminders can be powerful.

    Our main pact was to finish the trail at twice our age at the time, which would bring us back to Oregon in 2020. Pete made some additional pacts regarding flying and the suit he hiked in and subsequently buried at our stopping point. All of this is part of the master’s degree in visual arts he’s working on.

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