Miniseries: Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

Six Feet Under Box SetI must admit this show was a kind of addiction for me, stronger at some times than others, but present at some level in my life for over a year. Now that it’s over, there is both relief and withdrawal. I’ll miss hanging out with the engagingly dysfunctional Fishers now and then.

The first season of this show is close to perfection. After that the quality is less consistent, but the characters consistently evolve and grow in interesting but believable ways throughout the series. At times it yanks your chain, as nearly all dramas do, but never unforgivably. The overall message I take away is that life is better if we can learn to face ourselves without denial, but better does not mean easier. I think that’s a worthwhile message, and it is conveyed artfully and forcefully in this series.

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  1. Yes I watched most of the series too. As it got really going I thought they pulled pretty hard for plot lines, although it was the characters that kept me watching. I wasn’t pleased with all the mayhem in the family, the murder especially. I thought they drifted away from the original idea which is to delve more into the life of the person who dies at the beginning of each show and is brought to the funeral home. The show crossed the fantasy line here, having the people appear as in life and talk to whoever was working on them and I found all that interesting. Less of that in later shows.

    But you summarize the message truly: It’s better to deal with things but not easier. I think it makes you stronger and somehow gives you anothe rpiece of yourself to go on with. Maybe bigger is a better word. One gets bigger, the more you deal with things and smaller the more one runs from them perhaps?

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