Movie: Unknown White Male (2005)

Unknown White Male DVDA real story of extreme amnesia debunks some of the Hollywood amnesia mythology, leaving the piercing philosophical questions exposed. Our good fortune is that the amnesia struck a financially independent man with a video camera, who previously had a nosey friend with a video camera. So we’re able to see what might happen to a person born into an adult body on a New York subway, with all the habits and resources needed to survive but no past experiences. It’s facinating.

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  1. Inspired by your review, I rented this 2005 movie which was amazingly available at Family Video. It’s a documentary, true story, and very interesting, inspiring some intriguing philosophical questions, such as what makes me who I am? I wish there was a website where we could keep up with the news. Apparently there is a good chance the case of full amnesia could dissipate and it would be interesting to know the progress (or not) of all that.

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