Hike to The Bishop

East face of The BishopDad has half the day free, and agrees to show us the hike up to The Bishop near the Cathedral Spires. This area was closed for raptor nesting the last time we looked, but today the parking area is busy when we arrive.

The recent rains have made for a mushroom extravaganza. I photograph eight of the most intriguing-looking varieties, and at times the forest floor is a mat of tiny caps.

We hike an old mining road for a ways, then head up to The Bishop. This is a steep, rocky approach that would be a serious grunt with a pack full of climbing equipment. We see why people do it when we reach The Bishop – it’s an inspiring formation. Just a few cracks make their way up the sheer east face. A narrow chimney leads straight through the middle, allowing access to the equally imposing west face. We hang out and scramble around for a while before starting the descent.

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